Proteo Switch

Security and technology

Exceed your horse expectations

With the PROTEO Switch, THEAULT shows more of its pioneering status and avant-garde manufacturing. Its look, its patented system and its many innovations are the proof.

Since its creation, PROTEO is a product that evokes Performance, Elegance, Safety and Technology. The DNA of our new PROTEO is still present... And for this new version we focused on 3 major areas :
- a new dynamic design combining aesthetics and quickness
- a redesigned cabin for even more comfort of use
- a horse part offering a modularity never known before thanks to a patented innovation

We invite you to discover the PROTEO Switch, the horsebox that goes beyond your horses' expectations... And yours!


Patented Switch System for the comfort of your horses

Each horse, by its morphology or personality, has its preferences during transport. With the PROTEO Switch, you no longer need to choose between a stud and standard version; you can instantaneously adapt the most suitable configuration for your horses and make them enjoy more comfort.

Eight possible configurations

Exemples of configurations:
1. Double door in Sport (or shortened) position with open anti-weave grills.
2. Double door in Stud (or extended) position with closed anti-weave grills.
3. 4. Door in Stud (or extended) position with closed anti-weave grills / Door in Sport (or shortened) position with open anti-weave grills.

Main features

- Aluminium sliding partition adjustable in 3 positions
- Tack and horse area in anti-slip rubber
- 4 interior tie rings
- 2 fittings for hay net
- Head protection padding
- LED lighting in the horse and tack area
- 7 sliding windows with protection grills, of wich 1 on the rear door
- 3 large skylights and 1 el. air extractor


The flexible space of our cabins can easily and quickly meet all needs. You will enjoy spending time with family and friends in the lounge configuration, with the atmosphere you have selected. This quiet and optimized space will also allow you to rest and prepare before having a pleasant time with your horse... To enjoy all your trips in tranquility, we guarantee a high level of safety; the bulkhead between the cabin and horse part is subjected to numerous crash tests (UTAC approved) in order to withstand major shocks.

- Available in 3 or 5 seats
- Cab window in all vehicles which enables to observe the horses directly from the cabin
- An option: Swivel front seats with removable table, bench seat folding to bunk beds, access to the luton from the horse area


- Many possible configurations with different equipment and accessories: tack locker with sliding door, shelves, hanging rail, saddle and bridle-racks, or even a water supply.
- An option: rear door in 2 parts to easily access the tack-room when your horsebox is coupled to a trailer
- An option: long tack-room version to get almost 1m3 extra space


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